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Show me your soul

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 4, 2010, 11:00 AM

I just wanted to write a journal entry because I was tired of the old one.
I'm not a journal writer but I am a writer and usually I do have things to say, but in a different form. As I write the spelling corrects me in red colors where I'm writing an english word wrong. They're quite a few.
This year I plan to start writing in english, after I finish my pile of stories. - maybe next year catches me, but hurry.
Hopefully Dragonfly, slowly. I need to fill my Science Fiction area and other data such as that before I can say I'll do it.

I started with poems, since it's how I really started writing.
But I was drawing way before I could write a word on paper so drawing is still my main attraction since it keeps my hands busy. Yaoi certainly.

Happy New Year to all the ones whom I didn't get the chance to wish it to.

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Foisting Dragonfly

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 30, 2009, 1:09 PM

This is just a simple introduction about my caracters and the story in a small way.
Since I have no idea on what to start I'll do it the simple way - with what comes to mind...

Zackhary Morgan - main caracter bloodyxxxdragonfly.deviantart.…

You might not notice in the picture, but he has green eyes and brown-redish hair.

Besides beeing the center of attention in everything, he is not a good guy. ^^ He is the negative caracter all the way, but that can't stop me to put him on the center spot.

He's not afraid in using violence or dangerous ways in to getting what he wants. :D Quite a sadistic person and very unforgivable. Has a personal well defined sense of punishment and justice.

Though at first he might seem impulsive and violent, his actions go along with a well formed plan. He sets the rules of the game in which he forces his adversaries to play, only to hunt and strike it down.

He doesn't have much pity for anyone, and his obsession with death always brings him closer to edge.

In love he's exactly the opossite, of course...He's very drawn to his lover beeing the one who falls in love first but too self-centered to say anything.

Brian Carmbrige bloodyxxxdragonfly.deviantart.…

The blondish boy comes from a very wealthy family, his father beeing an important person world wide *won't say much since I want to write it later, so bare with me*

Without a mother to look after them, Brian and his sister are left alone with a busy dad who spoils them rotten.

Though he might seem like the rich brat without a care his androgynous looks get him to a personality questioning and of course, discovery.

At first he's not so self conscious, but he likes dressing in to much feminine clothes, and that gets him in to trouble of beeing ridiculed and mocked at, to the point of getting beat up.

He is childish, always in need of attention but none the less giving a lot of attention.

Zack + Brian= Love :D  

How it starts?

They hate each other...Yep, righto. They can't stand each other.
When Zack sees him, he thinks he has in front some boobless blonde girly girl, so he sets his cigarette flying in front of Brian.

Said blonde starts yelling about how uneducated some people are, and when he recives a "Sorry lady" from Zack the WW3 starts.

From there to beeing forced to live together with their other two friends (you'll meet those later but it's a guy - Zack's best friend, and a girl) develops in to everyday fighting and picking on each other.

Blondy Brian is the main little devil, droping on purpouse the jar of jem on Zack's pants, listening to his private conversations or saying silly things to piss him off.

After trying it all, he gets to plan "I didn't think about what I would do after" :) So he tries to seduce Zack. Which of course, doesn't take him a lot of effort since Zack has been head over heals from the first look...

So this is what it's all about and more ^^

Hope anyone has the patience to read all I wrote here o_O"

Huggies :D

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